We help entrepreneurs break through technology overwhelm to build cutting-edge businesses.

Have you ever struggled with technology only to make little progress? 

We believe the problem with efficient use of technology in businesses has very little to do with technology. It has all to do with the mindset towards technology and with lacking the right approach to simplify the complex so you can make meaningful progress.

You do NOT need to be a tech expert to build the cutting-edge business you've always dreamed of.

The Optimize Method™ gives you clarity and provides you with an uprade to your mindset towards HOW you approach using technology. 

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The Optimize Method™ is built around 4 core areas: 


Optimize Your Vision

You build a custom roadmap that clarifies what your cutting-edge business looks like. You define your biggest dangers, obstacles and strengths. You learn how your mindsets toward technology empower or hurt you and how to make progress in these areas.


Optimize Your Core Toolset

Your core toolset is defined and prioritized. You either build up or pare down your toolset and understand the impact they can make on your productivity. You see developing your skillset on these tools in a new way.  


Optimize Your Leverage

You develop a clear path to maximize the ROI on your time spent developing your technical skills. You have a newfound level of belief that you can build the cutting edge business of your dreams and know exactly where your time spent on tech learning will yield the highest ROI. You have a tool to systematically advance your leverage on the features in your Core Toolset that make the biggest impact.


Optimize Your Automation

You embrace the power of automation, another key lever to being cutting-edge. You identify the low hanging fruit of opportunity and identify which tools are worth automating and how to go about it. You see the time-saving and mistake-reducing benefits this could make on your business.