Technology Lessons from the Grill

Tom Lambotte

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New Ways to Leverage Your Existing Technology

  When was the last time you increased the leverage on the technology you already have? 

Leveraging technology is about examining how you work and using technology to strealmine and automate as much of that work as possible. 

There are better ways to leverage technology and achieve more with less effort. But sometimes we put too much value on the technology itself and not enough on how we use it. 

I learned that first hand when I totally blew a meal!  

Need Some Help Getting More From Your LawFirm's Technology? 

Shorten your learning curve, make the most of your resources, and maximize your current and future technology, without the overwhelem.

I just bought a brand new fancy wood pellet barbeque and smoker and I was really excited to try it out. It had a 5 degree temperature range, you click the button, walk away and it preheats the temperatue and manages it the whole time. Latest tech. What could go wrong? I thought, given this fantastic new tool, I'd be able to just knock something out my first time, right? I got some short ribs and smoked them for 5 hours at 220 degrees. No problem. I just assumed that, now that I have the right tool, everything was going to be easy, right? Before, I was trying to smoke things on a regular barbeque grill and checking the temperature every few minutes, it was a non-stop endeavor. But now, with the new smoker, everything would be great.

Five Hours Later

Come dinnertime, the short ribs came out, and were awful! My ultimate test for smoked meat is when the fat turns to candy, right? So the fat did NOT turn into candy, the meat was tough, it was rough. It was not those tender, fall apart in your mouth short ribs I was expecting.

What Does a Smoker Have to Do with Technology?

So what on earth does it have to do with technology? Well, let me ask you, have you ever gotten a new tool, a new piece of technology, a new app, maybe a brand new Macbook, or something like that and you think, "I'm done, I'm there. I am now a cutting-edge law firm!" But then you quickly realize that you're not there. Just because you have the tool doesn't mean you know how to use it well. The reason why I am sharing this is that all technology, whether it is an app or a fancy Louisiana Grill wood pellet smoker, shares something in common. I got the smoker, I was excited to use it. I figured it would be easy because I had the right tool. But the meal was horrible. The meat did not come out right. I even tried smoking a whole cauliflower in there, it was bland. I didn't season it properly. Why did it come out like this? I made assumptions. I didn’t use my internal meat thermometer which I always did. Again, I thought this is high-tech, maybe I don’t need that. I am no pit master, so go easy on me. The point of the lesson: If you've ever purchased new technology and thought, "Wow, this is going to solve my problem," you may have had a similar experience. You may have realized that buying the technology was only the first step, and you still have a long way to go because you haven't yet invested the time to learn how to use and leverage it.

Has This Happened to You, but With Your Technology?

For me and the new smoker, my training and skill development will focus on learning how to use it. I am going to need to learn more about smoking and the right recipes to make my food turn out as I expect. And I’ll stick to the basics, I mean just because you drive the safest car doesn’t mean you don’t wear your seatbelt!  

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Tom Lambotte

About the Author

Tom Lambotte is the Creator of the Optimize Method and CEO of GlobalMacIT, a national Managed Service Provider providing complete end-to end legal technology services to Mac-Based law firms. They provide leadership and direction to transform law firm operations and boost profits by leveraging technology. Tom’s methods are based on over a decade of research, testing and real-world refinement of best practices, working directly with solo and small firms providing strategies and support to mproving their use of technology..  

Tom is the ABA published author of Macs in Law: the Definitive Guide for the Mac-Curious, Windows-using Attorney. His 2 other books are Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an IT Transformation and Hassle Free Mac IT Support for Law Firms. He is a highly sought after speaker at national events such as the ABA Techshow and MacTrack Legal.